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Welcome to MSN 524 - Introduction to Mesoscopic Solid-State Physics Course Web Page

This is a booklet containing the lecture notes. It is incomplete at the moment, however I hope to write remaining parts as we progress.

Lecture Hours

Monday: 9:30-10:20

Wednesday 13:30-15:20

All lectures will be hybrid except the first lecture


Midterm - 19th of March, 2022 (Take home)


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Ömer Faruk Sadak: Quantum Entanglement in Solid State Systems

Aladin Şura: Thermoelectric Effect in Mesoscopic Systems

Ataollah Kalantari Osgouei: Spintronic for the next-generation nanoelectronic devices

Oğuzhan Oğuz: Majorana Fermions

Muhammad Shakir: Quantum Hall Effect

Doğukan Hazar Özbey: Mesoscopic
Quantum Transport

Deadline for the project outline: 17.03.2022

Deadline for the review paper: 30.04.2022

Lecture Notes

Lecture 9
MSN 524 Lecture 8
MSN 524 Lecture 7